Angel Shit

angel_color100 mins | 5 M 3 F | April 17-May 9, 1998
DC Arts Center | March 7-May 18, 2002 at
Source Theatre DC | March 6-April 12, 2008
Gene Frankel Theatre

“A white-trash invocation of the apocalypse … [featuring] a hilarious cat fight; a lurid, fully visible blowjob; a death’s-head pinata bursting with syringes; and more potty-talk than the movie Kids. The titular shit is a new, sublime kind of heroin that has been contaminated with a flesh-eating bacteria by Nebraska’s governor to exterminate Omaha’s junkie community. One by one, a circle of addicts — an overweight, depressed nurse, an enslaved hooker, and their friends Flounder and Rooster — sprout bleeding sores on their arms and faces, all the while planning for one final rage against the machine. … Crass! Funny! Unforgivable! A celebration of sleaze!” –City Paper

“Ian Allen’s sense of humor is sick and disturbing and I love it. The funniest play I’ve seen this year.” –