One Hundred Dollar Misunderstanding

100Adapted by Ian Allen
From the novel by Robert Gover

90 min | 2M 2F | unproduced

When JC, a white preppy college boy, spends the weekend with Kitten, a pretty 14-year-old black prostitute, he falls prey to the manly misapprehension that she’s invited him because she finds him irrresistable. But when JC refuses to pay up, Kitten steals her rightful $100 fee. Thus, the two begin a rocky and romantic spin through Gover’s cult classic – a rich landscape of pimps, truckers, fratboys, Bond-girls – set against the backdrop of America’s pained racial psyche.

“This book should create a sensation.” -Henry Miller

“I hope this book will be read by every adolescent in the country, which is most of the population.” -Gore Vidal